We don’t have a hardware problem. We have a software problem. We need to program our children for success.
— Eric Mahmoud

who we are

The Harvest Network of Schools is a nationally-recognized leader in delivering an excellent, affirming, enriching education through a growing portfolio of K-8 public charter schools in north Minneapolis.

Our schools include Harvest Preparatory School, Best Academy, and the Mastery School. Together, the schools serve nearly 1,300 predominantly low-income African-American scholars, delivering a world-class education, and achieving some of the state’s highest math and reading proficiency rates for low-income children, English Language Learners, and children of color.

We use proven methods to educate our children to their full potential. All Harvest Network schools use a unique “gap-closing framework” focused on student achievement at the core, supported by quality teaching, a positive school culture, a longer school day and longer school year that results in more class time for students.

Learn more about our schools by visiting our Harvest Network website.

Our schools


HARVEST PREPARATORY SCHOOL was established by Eric and Ella Mahmoud in 1992 after the success of their SEED Academy preschool. Initially a private school, it became a K-4 public charter school in 1998 to give more north Minneapolis children a great education.


BEST ACADEMY opened in 2008 with an initial focus on educating boys. Since then, two programs have been added: SISTER Academy, which focuses on girls’ positive development and academic success, and Best East, which provides culturally responsive and ELL education to East African scholars and their families. Best is a K-8 school.


THE MASTERY SCHOOL was established in 2012 in partnership with and authorized by Minneapolis Public Schools. It currently serves scholars from Kindergarten through 5th grade.